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  • Jason Becker. Author.

  • Chung-hong Chan. Author, maintainer.

  • David Schoch. Author.

  • Geoffrey CH Chan. Contributor.

  • Thomas J. Leeper. Author.

  • Christopher Gandrud. Contributor.

  • Andrew MacDonald. Contributor.

  • Ista Zahn. Contributor.

  • Stanislaus Stadlmann. Contributor.

  • Ruaridh Williamson. Contributor.

  • Patrick Kennedy. Contributor.

  • Ryan Price. Contributor.

  • Trevor L Davis. Contributor.

  • Nathan Day. Contributor.

  • Bill Denney. Contributor.

  • Alex Bokov. Contributor.

  • Hugo Gruson. Contributor.


Source: inst/CITATION

Chan C, Leeper T, Becker J, Schoch D (2023). rio: A Swiss-army knife for data file I/O.

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